Well I’m moving into tumblr because 1) its more user friendly I find and 2) the douchebags in NB still reading this factor is too high ūüôā




Yeah made a travel blog and then just totally forgot about it as soon as I started travelling. ¬†We are in the middle of Ontario somewhere, ¬†house on an acerage and a good job waiting for us and only a week until we get there! ¬†I was thinking of going to my home town a province over for a night and just inviting everyone out to the bar, haven’t seen my friends for two and a half years! ¬†But it would be a gong show, Eric probably wouldn’t be happy and I’m embarrassed at how post baby fat I am now lol. It can wait.

Erics really looking forward to getting back to work, ¬†he’s a hard worker for his family. I’m looking forward to quiet days with Eric at work and the kids in school, just me and my nug :). The house is brand new and there is a horse pasture, the troughs are fed from a tap in the basement so no hauling water YAY. Holla if you know how much work hauling water for horses is. ¬†Holllaaaa

Ontario is so beautiful.  I swam in Lake Ontario of course. It was freezing but the waves were pretty good.  I love the water so much.

dreads are getting awesome. ¬†So glad I did them before the trip and don’t have to worry about when I can wash it or having super ghetto hair. I’m dying to do a tattoo and get tattooed, we ve been without power for a few days now. ¬†It’s been raining and the rent trailer is getting damp and cold at night. We are on our way to Sault Ste Marie. The first time we travelled across Canada we sneakily plugged in to an out building behind a hotel so we are hoping to sneak in again. Dry the camper out and tattoo. Pit bulls are illegal in this province so I’m sketched out by people staring at Titus. I don’t know what the rules are for travelling through with one.

The cats probably hate us by now but hopefully they have bad memories and forget about the last four months lol.



God doesn’t want me to post I swear. Everytime I do it erases or my phone dies or it plain old disappears.¬†

ANYWAY im finally in Ontario.¬† Yes, it took two weeks from New Brunswick to Ottawa, lol. Most days there is this weird vibe going on but the rest of the time its great. This time around I’m seeing WAY more. Quebec has really gorgeous forests. If faires were real they would love in quebec that’s how gay and beautiful the forests are.¬† Toronto is where all the action happens but we are stalling until the 15th for money and the 18th for pandas. PANDAS.

Also the native trading post is close and I am soooo stoked for hippie moccasins.¬† And it’s not so much a trading post unless you count “trading” money for their shit as trading lol. False advertisement in my opinion.¬†

I wanted to learn from my muskrats lolol spell check is funny.¬† Sometimes autocorrect fucks up my texts and i know it but send it anyway cuz its hillarious. Then im like oops but really i knew the whole time.¬† SHADY. I mean mistakes from the last trip.¬† Yes I had a couple drinks so what.¬† Anyways my mistake was I stressed out about stuff when there was no point stressing because everything works out in the end and one way or another we will make it to our destination.¬† Now I’m doing it all over again.¬† I knew food would be expensive but I didn’t think it would almost equal the cost of gas! I thought we would have a little extra left over. We don’t lol.¬† Sometimes I wish to fuck we had credit cards then other times I’m happy we have no debt.¬† Im so stoked to be back west and be middle/upper middle class again lol.

So we found a place!  7000 acres if you can belive it. Here let me blow your mind further РSEVEN THOUSAND ACRES. I was happier than a pig in shit living on one acre in New Brunswick lol. Barn, stable, chicken coop, 30 acres of pasture, big ponds, GEOTHERMAL. I COULD DIE.  I AM SO EXCITED!

I’m thinking of boarding horses $$. I want two of my own.¬† An older well broke gelding and a filly :). Wawawawfbdux c ifc

Quebec City

Yesterday we explored Old Quebec, really cool winding cobblestone streets built up the mountain with little shops on the gulf of Saint Lawrence.  The place itself was beautiful but the shops were lame.  Yesterday was also a kind of bad mojo  vibe going on,  also lame.  We found a nice little spot to camp in the woods off the highway, I think it was a lot getting prepared for a house lol. Today is our last day here.  We spent the night at a truck stop on Friday. Today we spent the day at the Aquarium du Quebec and it was sweet. I keep deleting my pictures off my phone before I blog so I only have a couple to share.  Jellyfish man,  Jellyfish. 

We plan to be in Montreal before tomorrow night and spend a few days there before getting into Ontario.

Oh! Also we went to the tallest waterfall in North America that had a suspension bridge over the top of the falls and Eric proposed to me :). B&L treated us to the aquarium as an engagement gift,¬† awesome!¬† I was so surprised and excited I don’t remember what he said,¬† funny and kind of a bummer¬† lol but Lora took perfect pictures.¬† I want to write more but busy busy!¬†



I have been trying to post but my phone is being really shitty and I’ve rewritten the same post three times. ¬†So im going to recap and hope it works and if it doesn’t I will pull all my hair out and turn to Tumblr in my time of need.

SO we spent four or five days in Fredericton instead of one because loras parents are so awesome. ¬†We climbed waterfalls and fished and chilled out with beavers that were playing in the water and went swimming. ¬†Swimming in May in Canada is fucking cold lol. We are in Quebec now on our way to 300 foot waterfalls with a suspension bridge across the top so I’m pretty stoked. ¬†Tomorrow we are exploring Quebec City. Ill try for a long post tonight when I find out if this will even post or not.



Leaving! Wawawawawa!

Ill be posting the above map each day of travel to show our progress. Ill post in the breadcrumbs section too. Holla at me if you’re reading this and in our path lol. ¬†We can have a sweet encounter that will be awkward at first but get better the more we drink.

I decided to scrap the dread timeline because I already dont know how old my dreads are lol and the upkeep is boring.

We are just going as far as Fredericton, NB today, ¬†B&L have some family to say goodbye to and we are staying with our friend Troy who I really really like. ¬†We would be best friends forever if we were staying or in the same city. I’ve only hung out with him 3 times but I just know lol.

So many memories to come!

A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That

We went to Saint Martins yesterday, sooo awesome. ¬†There are giant caves formed by the high tide, ¬†you can only get inside at low tide otherwise they are filled with water. ¬†I don’t know if the panoramic pictures will work but here they are.

We leave tomorrow!! Waaaahhhhhh so excited. ¬†So far the plan is Fredericton for a day or two to see and say goodbye to friends, ¬†Quebec City, ¬†Montreal for a few days to explore, ¬†Ottawa, Toronto Zoo, Legoland, Ripleys Believe It or Not and Wax Museum, ¬†The Grotto in Tobermory, ¬†Bridal Falls and Niagra Falls. And no one has googled anything about Manitoba lol so I don’t know whats there or where we are stopping.

Also here is some of my work. I love tattooing, I hate most people.  Win lose situation.

I had a dream last night that I had a shower and all my dreads fell out and I had beautiful medium length silky hair. ¬†Sometimes I’m on the fence about them but I don’t really have a choice unless I want ugly short hair. I lighttllyyy crocheted them but I’m wondering if they won’t get loops now and if they will legit dread.

Well we have ten million things to do to be ready to leave tomorrow byyeeeeeee

4 days!

That’s all I have to say really.¬† I have a tattoo appointment coming in ten minutes. Maybe I will rant later. Its a family crest so I didn’t have to draw anything up,¬† this is it:



Uggo imo but what can you do?

Information Pls

Okay so if anyone can enlighten me and fill in the blanks that would be great. ¬†I’m just reiterating what I’ve read in the news.¬†

After having zero suspects or leads law enforcement says the person was black or brown with a possible accent even though no one saw anything ¬†or spoke to anyone of interest. ¬†Then two light brown almost white guys are seen with backpacks on camera. … walking. …. for like 10 seconds. ¬†Law ¬†enforcement puts their picture out and says they are suspects consider them very dangerous. Then one of them is dead in a gun battle, death photo surfaces with huge gash through his ribs and coroner says injuries head to toe. They find the other one who is NOT READ HIS RIGHTS. ¬†The younger one was a lifeguard, ¬†teachers and friends describe him as jovial, grateful to be in America. ¬†Im pretty sure radical Islamic terrorists don’t use Facebook and take “selfies”. What proof is there? If I were a brown person in America publicly accused of a bombing you bet your sweet ass I would run and hide.¬†

Animaland, Sussex NB

This is my rough idea and probably half untrue story about Animal Land, I only have what I’ve heard. In the 70’s a man made animal sculptures and put them in the woods and called it Animal Land. He had a little cabin there where he worked and lived. Them he died in the cabin and they closed it down. We went the in the middle of the night last night, its Lora and her sister Rachel in the pictures. ¬† No lights at all and its completely abandoned.¬† So unbelievably creepy. The woods at night are creepy enough. There was a pool filled with water tat looked black but i wasnt going near that shit so i didn’t get a picture. ¬†We would just see shapes looming in the dark from the light of our phones. ¬†There were a bunch of old out buildings that looked like Flintstones buildings but we were too scared to open the doors lol. The really creepy thing is the last two sculptures he made look like deaths horses. All their bones are showing WTF who makes something so macabre for a childrens park? The girls were saying last night maybe because the man was old and dying he reflected it in his sculptures.¬† The last one he made sits unfinished beside the cabin he died in.¬† OoooOOOOOooooooo

6 Days

Cleaned out the tent trailer today and packed up all the food and camping gear we bought yesterday. ¬†We changed up the plans to on who pays what so the trip will definitely be longer than a month now. ¬†I remember a few years ago I had an awesome hardcore punk friend who biked across Canada from British Columbia to Halifax. ¬†Like pedal biked! How cool is that! ¬†All we have to do is clean out the room we have been staying in and we are 100% ready to go. ¬†Pretty awesome feeling just have to get through one more week. The asshole downstairs was up all night yelling with men. ¬†They kept letting my dog out and the kids came upstairs after being woken up. ¬†Grumble grumble. Drunk people: keeping sober people up since 500 BC or whenever they made booze. Jesus drank wine didn’t he?

Wakka Wakka

Fuck yeah, it worked! Never even heard of soundcloud. Now I can invade your senses its a full packaged deal.

I don’t even know how many days until we go. ¬†It’s like I found out the date we are going and my brain can rest now. A week today I’m pretty sure. ¬†Lots to do. Paid 1600$ worth of bills yesterday and it feels awesome. ¬†Just need to get the tent trailer inspected ect and a little shopping and we are ready to go. Bought fishing rods for the boys yesterday. ¬†I don’t know much about fishing. … I think I know how to gut and clean one but actually catching it sounds really boring and time consuming.

We went into Moncton yesterday. ¬†People everywhere! All crammed together in each others grills, windows of bathrooms looking into someone’s kitchen window, fuck that! I can’t live in the city. ¬†Why would you water and cultivate GRASS when you could do the same work and grow FOOD friggin nutballs.

Ten Days

For some reason I cant answer comments on my phone, and Im always on my phone, especially when we start the trip. Sorry guys! Im not being an uppity bitch! I love getting comments.

So shit son, we have a date! The 27th is the last day we will be here with a small chance of leaving sooner. We decided to cut the trip in like, half. I dunno maybe we will change our minds once we are on the road. Stupid Marineland isnt open until May18th…..YOU JUST LOST 9 CUSTOMERS MARINELAND. Or ¬†should I say boringgayland. So now instead we will go to the Toronto Zoo which actually sounds way more fun and they have more animals in shameless captivity we can gawk at and then feel bad about later when we reflect on it but will still go to the zoo again. Lather Rinse Repeat. African wild dogs and hyenas are my fay-rit ūüôā

PS would just like to point out the pictures of the suspect I saw on CNN for the boston bombing that I think they have removed now was good ole fashioned american WHITE. I can see how that was confused for a black or brown dude with a maybe accent.

Im doing this crazy gears tattoo and its so technical, oy. I should start posting my work on here maybe, keep it all in one spot. An old friend asked me to draw up a comic book cover of his friend in action, slaughtering black currants and fighting alongside a pterodactyl  (thank you spell check) in goth attire and with tig ole bitties. Intense! And fun. Its like im drawing up the ultimate sleeve.

Goats cheese tastes like sunscreen and nothing like a cheeseball at all. 8$ for a fuckin cheeseball! If I had a job it should be making cheeseballs because thats ridiculous. And profitable. Maybe Ill make my own, take that CORPORATIONS. I made Ronan a really cool cake for his birthday last week. You cut all the rind off a watermelon, then the ends, flip it on one of the ends, cut it like a pie, slather it in whipped cream then cover it in sliced fruit. Yeah man martha fuckin stewart is my middle name.

Saskatchewan has badlands, who knew? Im hoping to live close to the Que Appelle Valley (im sure im spelling that wrong). Cypress Hill is nice too but expensive I bet.


listen its not that I don’t feel for the Boston people I really do that must have been intense but wtf with all the Facebook pictures how about one with hearts and flowers that says PRAYING FOR IRAN because last I read 35 something fucking people died yesterday and 150 wounded from an earthquake. Is it because they are brown or “evil” or what the fuck. Why does everyone act like an american life is worth more than anyone elses? ¬†Im dying to post something on fb about it but it will rain down a shitstorm of idiots who have baseless useless things to say about it. ¬†And I don’t dare mention false flag then it will really be a gong show. I’m not even going to get into that.

AND ONE MORE THING how fucking nice is it that today there are ‚Äúno suspects‚ÄĚ but yesterday they were looking for a ‚Äúbrown or black person who maybe possibly has a foreign accent‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs like they played that guess who game for kids where you flip down people that don‚Äôt match the description to guess who it is. ¬†Flip down anyone white and american and assume they have an accent ok GO.t


Cellar Door

Well it’s the 17th. I don’t know what day we are really leaving though it keeps changing. Ever since the other day ¬†I’m starting to get really stressed out and I guess I will be until we are driving away. ¬†When I pictured how it would go down two months ago I thought everyone would be happy and excited lol. ¬†It still feels surreal I guess. It’s been a month since I’ve seen my horses :(. Two since I’ve seen Vendetta actually or been riding. ¬†I dunno guess I’m bummed out today it was a stressful weekend. ¬†Haha yeah man Sunday was horrible. ¬†With all the bad mojo and uncertainty its hard not to think about my house and how Detta would have been home now and all the plans I had. ¬†The garden would be planted, ¬†I had an order in at a nursery for a little Orchard. Wonder if they tore down the fence. ¬†I cut the trees down myself and made posts, sunk them in concrete myself. I am like emotionally vested in that property lol.

My dreads are doing well. A week and some old.


Since I’m in a funk today my next post is going to be a photo-wish-list of how I hope and picture our life in Saskatchewan will be. ¬†And also…I have to move anyway. ¬†There is no good work out here. ¬†The economy is terrible and I’m tired of being broke. ¬†We have to move closer for Kale so he can still see his family. ¬†The boys can see our family. ¬†We moved out here for family and there is none. ¬†With how good the economy is in sask we can really get ahead. Any of our friends (I use the term loosely) are negative and there is always drama. The trip itself is a real once (twice) in a lifetime experience and there is no substitute. ¬†There.

Hypocrisy is Standard

I waded across a washed out sidewalk under a bridge and found a little nook to crawl into. ¬†Surrounded by a river or creek and birds are ignoring me and digging for food and singing. ¬†Which sounds really nice and naturey but beyond that is a parking lot and a fat guy smoking and staring at me. A busy road on the bridge and someone yelled HEY YOU at me. ¬†Hey me what?! Be more inventive. ¬†What’s with people who stare anyways? ¬†I’m staring right back, ¬†why don’t you feel awkward damn you! ¬†Look away in shame and embarrassment of being caught.




I ran away because Eric and I got in an argument. ¬†This is the first time I’ve gone anywhere in a fight but this is a topic we are never going to agree on and I’ve been stuck in the house full of people and kids and I had to get a break. ¬†I love to be alone, ¬†outside. How do people have time to think? ¬†I hate to get all granola but man there is SO MUCH going on outside. ¬†All these fucking ecosystems coexisting and interacting. ¬†It’s LIFE and it has nothing to do with commercials about how¬†tough¬† it is to make mashed potatoes so you better buy premade prepackaged or your life will suck. Or the price of gas or who drank the last of the milk or 9-5 just getting by bullshit.

I really love that people read my blog but the thing about that is I can’t just full on BLAH BLAH BLAH about things I want to. ¬†Like I probably shouldn’t talk about the fight. All ill say is I would never purposely say or do anything to make Eric feel like he sucks or is a talentless loser. I guess im some demoralizing bitch which only reinforces my feelings of liking to be alone. ¬†I guess it’s embarrassing to admit but I always feel like no one really likes me and that’s on me not them blah blah but if I really feel that way how do I convince myself its not true lol. ¬†I’m always super honest at the expense of people liking me and I get that. ¬†And not in that annoying way where people announce to the room and everyone they meet that they have brass balls and tell it like it is ect ect. But if sometime is mean or rude to me or my friends or someone I just met that I get good vibes from ill stand up for them in a second. ¬†I have a couple really good friends that I met in the exact scenario of just meeting them and standing up for them. ¬†I don’t want to go back at all. ¬†If it was summer I would take a nap in the trees somewhere. ¬†My ass is wet and freezing. ¬†I mixed a drink in a big coffee mug lol but its almost gone. I have to pee something fierce. Maybe ill just walk in all indignantly, pee and leave again.

It’s funny, I don’t really think about what I’m writing until an upstanding member of the community with a bullying awareness blog reads and likes your bullying post and how my approach at this point is to tell the school faculty to, ahem, “suck a bag of fat dicks” and hope gage punches one of them in the teeth. Eloquent!

The moral of the story is I hate feeling this way  and damn my bladder for making me go home.

I am such a creep

Man I really hate it when people i don’t know come to my door. You know that stereotypical Texan they portray? ¬†And people tell you in Texas its legal to shoot someone if they are on your property. ¬†The texan had all these signs like “we don’t call 911” ect. Maybe only Canadians know what I mean. WELL THAT’S ME. I get all neurotic about it. I don’t answer the door anyways but its the principal of the matter. ¬†This is why I live out in the country. ¬†I feel all territorial like I should run outside and pee a perimeter. ¬†Which of course would do nothing, don’t be silly, ¬†humans senses are far too dulled to smell hormones in urine. ¬†BUT you can bet your sweet ass anyone that sees me peeing all over the yard will never ever come over. So I have a mean dog and I procrastinate about making abrasive signs. ¬†PRIVATE PROPERTY. ¬†INVITATION ONLY. TURN BACK WHILE YOU CAN. ¬†Yes! I should do creepy haunted house signs and put tombstones in the front yard or something. ¬†I only lived at home until I was 13ish and the house was always such a mess I was never allowed friends over and we never answered the door either so obviously its some kind of deep rooted hermit gene passed down from my ancestors. ¬†I don’t really intend on changing it or working on it either. ¬†REVEL IN YOURSELF and embrace it. ¬†I just like to feel how I feel about shit, meh that’s me.

Snow! What kind of bullshit is that.  As I type Eric is locking our legs together with some kind of industrial bike lock. This is going nowhere fast.

I want to do something awesome today but options are limited. I always tell myself I should like, ¬†stretch or pirate a yoga video but I don’t. ¬†Or i do but the vid is from like 1985 and i can’t get past the slow motion dialogue and camel toe. I read this article on going barefoot outside and the electrons or something go into your body giving you balance and inner peace. ¬†Electrons can’t pass through flip flops or what? ¬†I don’t know anything about that but it’s a nice thing to think about. ¬†I must be brimming with inner peace then i spend a lot of time outside in the summer rolling in the grass and roasting in the hot sun. ¬†Sitting in the forest listening to the trees. ¬†That is meditation, man.

The fact that we are leaving in a week is pretty surreal right now. ¬†We decided 60 days ago to leave and it’s been eating away at my brain and consuming my thoughts and now its here.

Able is starting to walk around and that’s pretty cool. So weird to see this tiny little human wobbling all over the place and making choices on which way to go and when.

90s music is so good. Maybe because it’s the soundtrack to my youth or something.

We all want to learn something new on the trip so I jacked Gages how to play harmonica book I got him for Christmas and I am going to be a harmonica master by the end. ¬†I hope once we are settled I can refinish another piano and keep this b one. I have all these romanticized visions of what our new home will be like. ¬†An old farmhouse on a couple acres, my horses out in the pasture. Chickens ripe for the eating. ¬†Goats so I can make cheese and soap. It’s probably too late for a garden once we get there. Sustainable living man! Everything gives you cancer stop eating food with garbage bags and formaldehyde as ingredients! Pioneer that shit. Hunter gatherer ect.

I’ve been creeping blog of people that read mine and it’s super interesting. ¬†People say some profound shit and its just tucked away in their daily ramblings. ¬†I’m going to start quoting the good ones like a creep.

Call Me Gilgamesh

Where to start I’m in a ranty mood. Gages teacher had the bright idea of having all the kids write each other compliments on post it notes and leave it on said persons desk. ¬†Sounds nice but she left it up to them who they do or don’t give a post it note of love to, ¬†so where do you think that leaves the kid that gets bullied constantly? ¬†He got two from the same friend and one from the teacher for Christ sake and all the other little jerks had at least ten. ¬†REAL NICE. I don’t understand. ¬†Hes been bullied since kindergarten. Hes smart and nerdy I guess. He really loves math and science. ¬†Kids who were bullied when I was a kid were ¬†poor and greasy. ¬†Gage is a cool guy who is middleclass and clean for the most part. ¬†At least when I go to his school the kids are all afraid of the scary tattooed mom. ¬†I took this picture of Ronan at a field trip last week and you can just see the fear in the face of the girl in the middle, ¬†bahaha.


Ronan is the one on the left with his head to the side looking incredulous for some reason. ¬†Ronans never had a problem with bullies. In fact when he was four we went to Gages parent teacher interview and he told the teacher if the kid that had been bullying Gage touched him again he would set him on fire. Gage is 9 and in the last 3 years he’s been kicked, punched, ¬†pushed down a flight of cement stairs, had his scarf wrapped around his neck and tied in a tight knot from behind, ¬†pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach and most recently a bunch of asshole kids told his class IN class that he’s poor and we all live on the street and eat garbage. And we always call the counselor and the principal and demand the kids get punished blah blah blah. ¬†He’s never been in trouble and his report cards are straight As. Man I wish he would punch one of them in the teeth just once and show them he will stand up for himself. ¬†I hear these stories of kids killing themselves because of bullying and I just think to myself why the fuck didn’t they just take that kid out of school? ¬†The educational system is a fucking joke anyways. ¬†The day my kid comes home and says I’m suicidal or is scared to go to school is the day I march in there and tell them all to suck a bag of fat dicks my kid isn’t coming back here.

The trip. ¬†We are taking the kids out 2 months early. ¬†OH NO! Some people are telling B&L that’s child abuse. ARE YOU OFF YOUR FUCKING ROCKER? We are travelling and exploring Canada, I guess they will miss out on cutting out shapes and singing songs about flowers. What will Gage do without all the selective misinformation about ¬†history? I guess they will be suffering when we are looking at the Northern Lights or swimming in the great lakes or going on polar bear tours or witnessing near animal abuse at Marineland. ¬†Okay that last one isn’t so great but come on man KILLER WHALES! Fuckin Niagara Falls. The native trading posts. The wilderness the experience! ¬†CALL CHILD WELFARE QUICK, ¬†PEOPLE ARE NOT CONFORMING.

I really think people ¬†constantly confuse unconventional with ¬†disfunctional. It’s okay to parent differently and live differently and if these westernized fools would take a look into how other countries and ethnicities raise their children and maybe accept the fact that HEY things aren’t going so well out here in western paradise and it might be time for a change. ¬†Medicated kids (god forbid not every child thrives in the school system, ¬†they couldn’t possibly just need a different teaching approach). I was going to keep going but fuck it this is ranty enough. ¬†There is a ¬†really great documentary called. … something and it follows four babies until they are toddlers and shows how incredibly different parenting is. ¬†One is from the US, one Japan, Africa and Thailand I think. ¬†The little Thailand baby kicks it with a herd of goats alone in nothing but a sweater and is loving the shit out of life. ¬†Then the poor US baby is like get me the fuck out of this baby yoga class. Watch it ¬†with my limited information somehow.

Anyways Able is teething and I have to help Eric with the trailer,  one more week until the trip! Then its nothing but irreplaceable memories and life experiences.  Also known as child abuse.