Hello and welcome to my blog. See what I did there? With the italics? On the last trip we had a jerk or two who didnt like us, creeping constantly and then getting their toast roasted about what was said. Are you a jerk? Then please stop reading now. This is my blog about my life. If you make an impact on me, be it positive or negative, Im probably going to mention you. You have been warned. 


One thought on “*DISCLAIMER*

  1. To the two poor souls that you’ve convinced to go: you are going to have so much fun. Don’t even THINK about stopping in North Bay, by the time you leave you will be missing part of your sanity! Stock up on liquor before you even get gas to leave, they are equally important! I wish it was me that was going on another crazy ass adventure with you guys. Have fun.
    P.S. That parrot is evil.

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