*Kring Kring*

Oooohhh I love my beautiful little blog. I could just post all day. I coerced everyone into answering survey questions last night and now I will delight and inspire you all with profiles of everyone on the trip. Mostly out of boredom. Im already packed with like six god damned weeks to go. This means I will blog-overdose. I have a couple tattoo appointments to keep me busy for the weekend but other than that its going to be six weeks of mind numbing boredness and brain shredding anticipation.

ImageThis is my best friend ever (and ever and ever), Lora. She is a self proclaimed “Positivist”™ and always looks on the bright side. Although if you break her window she will howl at the moon and Donkey Kong smash you (only time I have seen her angry ever). Shes always willing to help. Actually as Im writing this Im realizing how totally opposite we are and all the reasons I love her are for things that Im not. Out of all of us Lora is pretty much the only one taking shit for the move. The first post about psychopaths was about reactions her family has given her and some of the shit is so weird and crazy you would think I was making it up. Things about eating the first marshmallow instead of waiting for the second….whats the marshmallow in this metaphor? And why would you wait for the second one if you could eat the first. And if you didnt eat the first one then the second one really isnt the second anymore and its your first marshmallow. Or that they are looking forward to her next husband… LOL WOW. I feel really terrible for her because out of all of us shes the only one who really feels feelings, or thinks things through or feels comfort in having a plan and her family means a lot to her. Sucks to see her being shit on every day with people who are apparently confusing crossing 5 provinces in Canada with crossing the Armistice Line into North Korea.

~ What talents do you have? ~ *Laughing* Ummm….Im organized. Usually. Im a multitasker. Usually. Im really good at drinking does that count? I can double fist beers. Usually.

~ What phrase do you use the most? ~ I dont know…..um….maybe its “I dont know”.

~ What do you get complimented on the most? ~ My feet! Hunks of chunk feet.

~How do you manage stress? ~ Smiling.

Also, the future just sent me this picture. Guess they were all right!



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