*Awkward Silence*

I can never think of a title. 

Phew what a night! we made alcoholic cherry cokes that by the end of the night were just the “cherry” with no coke. Loras boss gave her The One Reaction To Rule Them All when she found out Lora was moving and it was awesome. Basically said Lora I love you, you are a smart girl and I know you thought this through have fun and there is lots of work out west we love and miss you. Awesome!

 Its the 8th already, time really is going by quick! Finally finished a client last night that Ive been working on since last June and tonight Im finishing another one. Script is boring and Im not very stoked but if Im lucky I can talk him into some roses and it will make it worth my while. This time I am going to keep my mouth shut and talk about mundane things like the weather. Last time things didnt go too well. Maybe anytime things didnt really go that well with him. I dont try and pretend things. If Im mad Im mad. If Im sad Im sad. Its not about whether or not Im taking the high road or being a bigger person, its just the way I feel about something so I have no problem saying it. Expressing yourself and being true to yourself and standing up for yourself IS taking the high road. And I dont see why you wouldnt. This is where things get ugly with people and why I have no friends. I guess Im supposed to lie or pretend things dont roast my toast. Whhhyyyy? Im not the type to get angry over stupid shit or be rude for no reason. I dont walk around with phasers set to degrade and humiliate. But if someone is actually offensive or mean I have no problem telling them it was a shitty thing to say and this is why I dont like you. Remember “if it feels good, do it”? Man thats a great mantra. And the story of why I have no friends 🙂

Tea is so fantastic. I wonder if there are herbs I can grow to make my own tea. Excuse me while I Google. 


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