Uppity-snobby-pet-peeve: when people with like two tiny hidden tattoos act like they have sleeves and post a bunch of tattoo related shit about being accepted or tattoos in the workplace or general tattoo sayings that were said by and made for people who actually have ink.

I wish something was going on that I could write about but not much is happening.  At all.  Been thinking about my horses alot lately 😦 going to miss them alot.  I know this time next year I’ll have another one but still sucks.  I’ll miss the forest too. Good news is I found a kennel for Titus, sucks $$ wise but its not like we have any bills to pay.  Not much more to take care of now and in nine days we move out of the house.  Need to get a dumpster. Tick tock tick tock.


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