Begone, Zuckerburg!

I hate fb. Ok I take that back.  I hate the privacy settings that don’t work properly. I think I will stick to my beautiful little blog instead. The magical land where comments must be first approved and there is no such thing as an inbox.

I had a spider on my fucking neck tonight and I thought it was a dread and it ended up on my hand and now I think every feeling ever is a spider ready to shank me *deep breaths*

Eric has been laid off for weeks now. Living on just my money fucking succkksss. EI is such a fuck around. Erics never been on EI, has double the required hours and i rocked his appeal and it was passed before it could even go up for review.  But still they bust balls. We’ve been waiting since January 6th. We have alot to do but have no garbage bags,  a vicious circle. I thought by now I would be going crazy but we are getting along awesome. I quite enjoy being alone. I need that break. Eric is the only person I know that I can spend all my time with and not feel overwhelmed or stressed. I got to sleep in this morning for the first time since I had Able and it was glorious.


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