Facebook isn’t even a little bit entertaining anymore and I can only refresh the news so many times. Come on nice weather,  I want to be outside! 

We got a tent trailer, did I post about that?  Hoping to get it all packed today and cleaned out. We put a huge 600$ tattoo order in fuck yeah. Have some really nice ink coming. Our goal is for all of our current work to be finished this summer. It’s going to be a camping/tattoo fest for the next couple months. Ill be happy with my back,  chest and side pieces finished.

All our remaining stuff that made it through the elimination rounds is packed and ready to go, no more loose ends. Three tattoos left, a giant owl, the bottom of a dreamcatcher and when we stop in fredericton on the way out a cover up touch up.  Ill miss the provincial laws about tattooing that’s for sure.


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