I suppose


I suppose I’m just restless with the trip nearing. I’ve been so bored out of my skull and nothing is really interesting me at all except tattooing but for now I’m out of people to tattoo. Tattooed three sets of lipstick kisses on myself – cute! Love it. I can show people approximately 1 and a half out of the three lol. Scabby still but:


I guess ill tattoo my roses and sugar skull tonight.  I just want to GO! B&L are getting these crazy…threats? Angry suggestions poorly masked as kind concern? And its really stressing me out. The creep in the basement stresses me out. The  conversations on saturday night were completely mean and inappropriate and I won’t put myself in that situation again.  If he comes up I’ll go outside our in my room. All our stuff is packed and there are like 12 days left. Until the 20th at least and then its up in the air for what day we actually leave. Time is flying by!

I found out I did my dreads all wrong and that sucks, back to square one. They won’t even dread i guess. I thought they looked too good for their age, just thought i was lucky,  haha. I get a color change though,  that always cheers me up. When I’m stressed I need a change and things seem to balance out.  Im so impatient I can’t stand waiting.  I’m in the house all day too I’m sure now that the weather is nice and I can spend time outside ill feel better too. It’s just beautiful out this morning, all the birds are singing.  I wanted to go sit in the field across from the house. Drink my tea watch the birds.


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