So, that sounds pretty gay. But that’s what I do.

I’m kinda lame when it comes to using my phone so I just seen all my new WP notifications and COOL, man. Didn’t really think anyone was reading it let alone following and liking it.  Awesome.

Waaaaahhhhhhhhh there are like 8 days left until we leave!  I can’t wait to have those feelings again, almost just complete freedom. Going nowhere and anywhere whenever we feel like it.  Staying at the places we like and peacing from the places we don’t.  Meeting people we will never see again.  Finding little nooks and crannies.  I have to try not to think about it or I’ll go crazy with impatience.

My new machine comes today thank god. RIP to my beloved machine that I broke last week,  boo hoo. I can’t bring myself to throw it out.  Ive had to use coils since,  man I hate them.  Im going to peer pressure someone into getting a tattoo tonight. All the new ink is here and the best part, teeny tiny gloves for my dainty little hands.

Redid my dreads, what a fucking task! I made a page for my dread timeline too. Life is so much better when you have awesome hair.


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