Call Me Gilgamesh

Where to start I’m in a ranty mood. Gages teacher had the bright idea of having all the kids write each other compliments on post it notes and leave it on said persons desk.  Sounds nice but she left it up to them who they do or don’t give a post it note of love to,  so where do you think that leaves the kid that gets bullied constantly?  He got two from the same friend and one from the teacher for Christ sake and all the other little jerks had at least ten.  REAL NICE. I don’t understand.  Hes been bullied since kindergarten. Hes smart and nerdy I guess. He really loves math and science.  Kids who were bullied when I was a kid were  poor and greasy.  Gage is a cool guy who is middleclass and clean for the most part.  At least when I go to his school the kids are all afraid of the scary tattooed mom.  I took this picture of Ronan at a field trip last week and you can just see the fear in the face of the girl in the middle,  bahaha.


Ronan is the one on the left with his head to the side looking incredulous for some reason.  Ronans never had a problem with bullies. In fact when he was four we went to Gages parent teacher interview and he told the teacher if the kid that had been bullying Gage touched him again he would set him on fire. Gage is 9 and in the last 3 years he’s been kicked, punched,  pushed down a flight of cement stairs, had his scarf wrapped around his neck and tied in a tight knot from behind,  pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach and most recently a bunch of asshole kids told his class IN class that he’s poor and we all live on the street and eat garbage. And we always call the counselor and the principal and demand the kids get punished blah blah blah.  He’s never been in trouble and his report cards are straight As. Man I wish he would punch one of them in the teeth just once and show them he will stand up for himself.  I hear these stories of kids killing themselves because of bullying and I just think to myself why the fuck didn’t they just take that kid out of school?  The educational system is a fucking joke anyways.  The day my kid comes home and says I’m suicidal or is scared to go to school is the day I march in there and tell them all to suck a bag of fat dicks my kid isn’t coming back here.

The trip.  We are taking the kids out 2 months early.  OH NO! Some people are telling B&L that’s child abuse. ARE YOU OFF YOUR FUCKING ROCKER? We are travelling and exploring Canada, I guess they will miss out on cutting out shapes and singing songs about flowers. What will Gage do without all the selective misinformation about  history? I guess they will be suffering when we are looking at the Northern Lights or swimming in the great lakes or going on polar bear tours or witnessing near animal abuse at Marineland.  Okay that last one isn’t so great but come on man KILLER WHALES! Fuckin Niagara Falls. The native trading posts. The wilderness the experience!  CALL CHILD WELFARE QUICK,  PEOPLE ARE NOT CONFORMING.

I really think people  constantly confuse unconventional with  disfunctional. It’s okay to parent differently and live differently and if these westernized fools would take a look into how other countries and ethnicities raise their children and maybe accept the fact that HEY things aren’t going so well out here in western paradise and it might be time for a change.  Medicated kids (god forbid not every child thrives in the school system,  they couldn’t possibly just need a different teaching approach). I was going to keep going but fuck it this is ranty enough.  There is a  really great documentary called. … something and it follows four babies until they are toddlers and shows how incredibly different parenting is.  One is from the US, one Japan, Africa and Thailand I think.  The little Thailand baby kicks it with a herd of goats alone in nothing but a sweater and is loving the shit out of life.  Then the poor US baby is like get me the fuck out of this baby yoga class. Watch it  with my limited information somehow.

Anyways Able is teething and I have to help Eric with the trailer,  one more week until the trip! Then its nothing but irreplaceable memories and life experiences.  Also known as child abuse.


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