Surprised…. OR AM I

I dunno I guess I am.  You wanna find out who your real friends are,  tell them you’re moving, haha.  Literally not one person came over just to hang out or spend time with us unless they were getting a free tattoo. Except for Loras sister. All our friends are newish friends I guess but I still thought we were friends.  B&Ls friends are old friends,  like god father of their kids old, I think. So weird. To think we were going to have a going away party LOL. Throw it for ourselves and invite ourselves only.  Every fucking day is our going away party because I can’t wait to get out of here and away from fake friends and drama.  It’s our last real weekend here.  As of next Saturday we are leaving as soon as Lora says so. I’m excited but at the same time it doesn’t really feel real because nothing is really done yet at the house,  we are in “almost going to pack” purgatory. Going to be a crazy busy week!


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