Snow! What kind of bullshit is that.  As I type Eric is locking our legs together with some kind of industrial bike lock. This is going nowhere fast.

I want to do something awesome today but options are limited. I always tell myself I should like,  stretch or pirate a yoga video but I don’t.  Or i do but the vid is from like 1985 and i can’t get past the slow motion dialogue and camel toe. I read this article on going barefoot outside and the electrons or something go into your body giving you balance and inner peace.  Electrons can’t pass through flip flops or what?  I don’t know anything about that but it’s a nice thing to think about.  I must be brimming with inner peace then i spend a lot of time outside in the summer rolling in the grass and roasting in the hot sun.  Sitting in the forest listening to the trees.  That is meditation, man.

The fact that we are leaving in a week is pretty surreal right now.  We decided 60 days ago to leave and it’s been eating away at my brain and consuming my thoughts and now its here.

Able is starting to walk around and that’s pretty cool. So weird to see this tiny little human wobbling all over the place and making choices on which way to go and when.

90s music is so good. Maybe because it’s the soundtrack to my youth or something.

We all want to learn something new on the trip so I jacked Gages how to play harmonica book I got him for Christmas and I am going to be a harmonica master by the end.  I hope once we are settled I can refinish another piano and keep this b one. I have all these romanticized visions of what our new home will be like.  An old farmhouse on a couple acres, my horses out in the pasture. Chickens ripe for the eating.  Goats so I can make cheese and soap. It’s probably too late for a garden once we get there. Sustainable living man! Everything gives you cancer stop eating food with garbage bags and formaldehyde as ingredients! Pioneer that shit. Hunter gatherer ect.

I’ve been creeping blog of people that read mine and it’s super interesting.  People say some profound shit and its just tucked away in their daily ramblings.  I’m going to start quoting the good ones like a creep.


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