I am such a creep

Man I really hate it when people i don’t know come to my door. You know that stereotypical Texan they portray?  And people tell you in Texas its legal to shoot someone if they are on your property.  The texan had all these signs like “we don’t call 911” ect. Maybe only Canadians know what I mean. WELL THAT’S ME. I get all neurotic about it. I don’t answer the door anyways but its the principal of the matter.  This is why I live out in the country.  I feel all territorial like I should run outside and pee a perimeter.  Which of course would do nothing, don’t be silly,  humans senses are far too dulled to smell hormones in urine.  BUT you can bet your sweet ass anyone that sees me peeing all over the yard will never ever come over. So I have a mean dog and I procrastinate about making abrasive signs.  PRIVATE PROPERTY.  INVITATION ONLY. TURN BACK WHILE YOU CAN.  Yes! I should do creepy haunted house signs and put tombstones in the front yard or something.  I only lived at home until I was 13ish and the house was always such a mess I was never allowed friends over and we never answered the door either so obviously its some kind of deep rooted hermit gene passed down from my ancestors.  I don’t really intend on changing it or working on it either.  REVEL IN YOURSELF and embrace it.  I just like to feel how I feel about shit, meh that’s me.


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