listen its not that I don’t feel for the Boston people I really do that must have been intense but wtf with all the Facebook pictures how about one with hearts and flowers that says PRAYING FOR IRAN because last I read 35 something fucking people died yesterday and 150 wounded from an earthquake. Is it because they are brown or “evil” or what the fuck. Why does everyone act like an american life is worth more than anyone elses?  Im dying to post something on fb about it but it will rain down a shitstorm of idiots who have baseless useless things to say about it.  And I don’t dare mention false flag then it will really be a gong show. I’m not even going to get into that.

AND ONE MORE THING how fucking nice is it that today there are “no suspects” but yesterday they were looking for a “brown or black person who maybe possibly has a foreign accent”. It’s like they played that guess who game for kids where you flip down people that don’t match the description to guess who it is.  Flip down anyone white and american and assume they have an accent ok GO.t



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