Cellar Door

Well it’s the 17th. I don’t know what day we are really leaving though it keeps changing. Ever since the other day  I’m starting to get really stressed out and I guess I will be until we are driving away.  When I pictured how it would go down two months ago I thought everyone would be happy and excited lol.  It still feels surreal I guess. It’s been a month since I’ve seen my horses :(. Two since I’ve seen Vendetta actually or been riding.  I dunno guess I’m bummed out today it was a stressful weekend.  Haha yeah man Sunday was horrible.  With all the bad mojo and uncertainty its hard not to think about my house and how Detta would have been home now and all the plans I had.  The garden would be planted,  I had an order in at a nursery for a little Orchard. Wonder if they tore down the fence.  I cut the trees down myself and made posts, sunk them in concrete myself. I am like emotionally vested in that property lol.

My dreads are doing well. A week and some old.


Since I’m in a funk today my next post is going to be a photo-wish-list of how I hope and picture our life in Saskatchewan will be.  And also…I have to move anyway.  There is no good work out here.  The economy is terrible and I’m tired of being broke.  We have to move closer for Kale so he can still see his family.  The boys can see our family.  We moved out here for family and there is none.  With how good the economy is in sask we can really get ahead. Any of our friends (I use the term loosely) are negative and there is always drama. The trip itself is a real once (twice) in a lifetime experience and there is no substitute.  There.


5 thoughts on “Cellar Door

  1. Hi, I’m in love with your blog! Seriously sounds wacked out but your honesty and blunt words got me. You’ll love it in Sask, especially if you are going to live out in the country. Just watch out for spruce bugs this summer, they hurt like hell when they literally take a chunk out of you.

  2. Sorry, what the comment should say is “Seriously, I sound wacked out when I say this, but your honesty and blunt words got me.” Holy shit, hahaha, the other comment made me sound like an idiot lol. Lesson learned, never drink and comment!
    Yes long antenna on a black beetle.

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