Ten Days

For some reason I cant answer comments on my phone, and Im always on my phone, especially when we start the trip. Sorry guys! Im not being an uppity bitch! I love getting comments.

So shit son, we have a date! The 27th is the last day we will be here with a small chance of leaving sooner. We decided to cut the trip in like, half. I dunno maybe we will change our minds once we are on the road. Stupid Marineland isnt open until May18th…..YOU JUST LOST 9 CUSTOMERS MARINELAND. Or  should I say boringgayland. So now instead we will go to the Toronto Zoo which actually sounds way more fun and they have more animals in shameless captivity we can gawk at and then feel bad about later when we reflect on it but will still go to the zoo again. Lather Rinse Repeat. African wild dogs and hyenas are my fay-rit 🙂

PS would just like to point out the pictures of the suspect I saw on CNN for the boston bombing that I think they have removed now was good ole fashioned american WHITE. I can see how that was confused for a black or brown dude with a maybe accent.

Im doing this crazy gears tattoo and its so technical, oy. I should start posting my work on here maybe, keep it all in one spot. An old friend asked me to draw up a comic book cover of his friend in action, slaughtering black currants and fighting alongside a pterodactyl  (thank you spell check) in goth attire and with tig ole bitties. Intense! And fun. Its like im drawing up the ultimate sleeve.

Goats cheese tastes like sunscreen and nothing like a cheeseball at all. 8$ for a fuckin cheeseball! If I had a job it should be making cheeseballs because thats ridiculous. And profitable. Maybe Ill make my own, take that CORPORATIONS. I made Ronan a really cool cake for his birthday last week. You cut all the rind off a watermelon, then the ends, flip it on one of the ends, cut it like a pie, slather it in whipped cream then cover it in sliced fruit. Yeah man martha fuckin stewart is my middle name.

Saskatchewan has badlands, who knew? Im hoping to live close to the Que Appelle Valley (im sure im spelling that wrong). Cypress Hill is nice too but expensive I bet.


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