Wakka Wakka

Fuck yeah, it worked! Never even heard of soundcloud. Now I can invade your senses its a full packaged deal.

I don’t even know how many days until we go.  It’s like I found out the date we are going and my brain can rest now. A week today I’m pretty sure.  Lots to do. Paid 1600$ worth of bills yesterday and it feels awesome.  Just need to get the tent trailer inspected ect and a little shopping and we are ready to go. Bought fishing rods for the boys yesterday.  I don’t know much about fishing. … I think I know how to gut and clean one but actually catching it sounds really boring and time consuming.

We went into Moncton yesterday.  People everywhere! All crammed together in each others grills, windows of bathrooms looking into someone’s kitchen window, fuck that! I can’t live in the city.  Why would you water and cultivate GRASS when you could do the same work and grow FOOD friggin nutballs.


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