Animaland, Sussex NB

This is my rough idea and probably half untrue story about Animal Land, I only have what I’ve heard. In the 70’s a man made animal sculptures and put them in the woods and called it Animal Land. He had a little cabin there where he worked and lived. Them he died in the cabin and they closed it down. We went the in the middle of the night last night, its Lora and her sister Rachel in the pictures.   No lights at all and its completely abandoned.  So unbelievably creepy. The woods at night are creepy enough. There was a pool filled with water tat looked black but i wasnt going near that shit so i didn’t get a picture.  We would just see shapes looming in the dark from the light of our phones.  There were a bunch of old out buildings that looked like Flintstones buildings but we were too scared to open the doors lol. The really creepy thing is the last two sculptures he made look like deaths horses. All their bones are showing WTF who makes something so macabre for a childrens park? The girls were saying last night maybe because the man was old and dying he reflected it in his sculptures.  The last one he made sits unfinished beside the cabin he died in.  OoooOOOOOooooooo


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