Information Pls

Okay so if anyone can enlighten me and fill in the blanks that would be great.  I’m just reiterating what I’ve read in the news. 

After having zero suspects or leads law enforcement says the person was black or brown with a possible accent even though no one saw anything  or spoke to anyone of interest.  Then two light brown almost white guys are seen with backpacks on camera. … walking. …. for like 10 seconds.  Law  enforcement puts their picture out and says they are suspects consider them very dangerous. Then one of them is dead in a gun battle, death photo surfaces with huge gash through his ribs and coroner says injuries head to toe. They find the other one who is NOT READ HIS RIGHTS.  The younger one was a lifeguard,  teachers and friends describe him as jovial, grateful to be in America.  Im pretty sure radical Islamic terrorists don’t use Facebook and take “selfies”. What proof is there? If I were a brown person in America publicly accused of a bombing you bet your sweet ass I would run and hide. 


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