Quebec City

Yesterday we explored Old Quebec, really cool winding cobblestone streets built up the mountain with little shops on the gulf of Saint Lawrence.  The place itself was beautiful but the shops were lame.  Yesterday was also a kind of bad mojo  vibe going on,  also lame.  We found a nice little spot to camp in the woods off the highway, I think it was a lot getting prepared for a house lol. Today is our last day here.  We spent the night at a truck stop on Friday. Today we spent the day at the Aquarium du Quebec and it was sweet. I keep deleting my pictures off my phone before I blog so I only have a couple to share.  Jellyfish man,  Jellyfish. 

We plan to be in Montreal before tomorrow night and spend a few days there before getting into Ontario.

Oh! Also we went to the tallest waterfall in North America that had a suspension bridge over the top of the falls and Eric proposed to me :). B&L treated us to the aquarium as an engagement gift,  awesome!  I was so surprised and excited I don’t remember what he said,  funny and kind of a bummer  lol but Lora took perfect pictures.  I want to write more but busy busy! 



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