God doesn’t want me to post I swear. Everytime I do it erases or my phone dies or it plain old disappears. 

ANYWAY im finally in Ontario.  Yes, it took two weeks from New Brunswick to Ottawa, lol. Most days there is this weird vibe going on but the rest of the time its great. This time around I’m seeing WAY more. Quebec has really gorgeous forests. If faires were real they would love in quebec that’s how gay and beautiful the forests are.  Toronto is where all the action happens but we are stalling until the 15th for money and the 18th for pandas. PANDAS.

Also the native trading post is close and I am soooo stoked for hippie moccasins.  And it’s not so much a trading post unless you count “trading” money for their shit as trading lol. False advertisement in my opinion. 

I wanted to learn from my muskrats lolol spell check is funny.  Sometimes autocorrect fucks up my texts and i know it but send it anyway cuz its hillarious. Then im like oops but really i knew the whole time.  SHADY. I mean mistakes from the last trip.  Yes I had a couple drinks so what.  Anyways my mistake was I stressed out about stuff when there was no point stressing because everything works out in the end and one way or another we will make it to our destination.  Now I’m doing it all over again.  I knew food would be expensive but I didn’t think it would almost equal the cost of gas! I thought we would have a little extra left over. We don’t lol.  Sometimes I wish to fuck we had credit cards then other times I’m happy we have no debt.  Im so stoked to be back west and be middle/upper middle class again lol.

So we found a place!  7000 acres if you can belive it. Here let me blow your mind further – SEVEN THOUSAND ACRES. I was happier than a pig in shit living on one acre in New Brunswick lol. Barn, stable, chicken coop, 30 acres of pasture, big ponds, GEOTHERMAL. I COULD DIE.  I AM SO EXCITED!

I’m thinking of boarding horses $$. I want two of my own.  An older well broke gelding and a filly :). Wawawawfbdux c ifc


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