Yeah made a travel blog and then just totally forgot about it as soon as I started travelling.  We are in the middle of Ontario somewhere,  house on an acerage and a good job waiting for us and only a week until we get there!  I was thinking of going to my home town a province over for a night and just inviting everyone out to the bar, haven’t seen my friends for two and a half years!  But it would be a gong show, Eric probably wouldn’t be happy and I’m embarrassed at how post baby fat I am now lol. It can wait.

Erics really looking forward to getting back to work,  he’s a hard worker for his family. I’m looking forward to quiet days with Eric at work and the kids in school, just me and my nug :). The house is brand new and there is a horse pasture, the troughs are fed from a tap in the basement so no hauling water YAY. Holla if you know how much work hauling water for horses is.  Holllaaaa

Ontario is so beautiful.  I swam in Lake Ontario of course. It was freezing but the waves were pretty good.  I love the water so much.

dreads are getting awesome.  So glad I did them before the trip and don’t have to worry about when I can wash it or having super ghetto hair. I’m dying to do a tattoo and get tattooed, we ve been without power for a few days now.  It’s been raining and the rent trailer is getting damp and cold at night. We are on our way to Sault Ste Marie. The first time we travelled across Canada we sneakily plugged in to an out building behind a hotel so we are hoping to sneak in again. Dry the camper out and tattoo. Pit bulls are illegal in this province so I’m sketched out by people staring at Titus. I don’t know what the rules are for travelling through with one.

The cats probably hate us by now but hopefully they have bad memories and forget about the last four months lol.



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