Dreadlock Timeline

I am jumping on the dread bandwagon, this my timeline and maybe some q & a, I know some forum friends mosied (moseyed?) on over. I love love love my dreads.  I’ve had so many different hair styles and colors but fuck man, dreads are awesome. I have the kind of hair that needed to be blow dried and straightened, I couldn’t get out of the shower and just let it dry. And never stayed straightened or curled so it always had to be up.  Such a task.   Sometimes I look at other peoples timelines and get scared, lol.  I don’t want those big fat dreads that look like taxidermy cats tails.  I hope they don’t shrink like crazy either.  The method I used was backcombing and light crotcheting. I know I know, I can’t help it.  Im currently washing with baking soda paste and an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Id love to try dr bronners peppermint though. Beads beads BEADS!

                                                         Two Days





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