The Story

Ive always been moving. Every time I move I change everything. My email, my Facebook, my phone number. I love going places that I know nothing about or any of the people there. The farther the better. Two years ago we sold everything, put an ad on Kijiji and we left Alberta 3 weeks later with two people we had never met, a 1200$ RV and 1300$ in our pockets. We headed East. The trip was amazing, I learned a lot about myself and even more about other people.

We met our best friends out here, and very randomly the other night Brad said hey, lets buy an RV and go wherever. So here we are, doing it all over again, this time with our besties instead of strangers. Instead of leaving in 3 weeks we are leaving in 7 which leaves a lot more room for planning. Ew! Planning! In the Breadcrumbs section you can follow our route, and in the posts you can find out our current location and rantings. I love reading and writing and I must document the trip.



One thought on “The Story

  1. very nice video..thanks for sharing..Its brave to start like this and restart it all over again…hats off to you..I want to do this as well one day..just go travelling 🙂

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